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Understanding the Maceda Law in the Philippines: A Guide to Claiming Real Estate Refunds

Updated: Jun 16, 2023


Are you considering purchasing a residential property with installment payment terms in the Philippines? It's essential to understand the Maceda Law, a significant piece of legislation in the Philippines, which provides protection and safeguards your rights as a buyer. This law allows you to enjoy grace periods and claim refunds in case of default or contract cancellation.

Coverage of the Maceda Law

The Maceda Law, officially known as the "Realty Installment Buyer Protection Act," specifically focuses on protecting buyers of residential properties under installment payment terms. It covers transactions related to the purchase or financing of houses, lots, and condominium units. The law sets forth provisions that apply to two categories of qualified buyers.

coverage of maceda law

Benefits and Provisions of the Maceda Law

For the first group of qualified buyers, the law grants them a grace period of one month for every year of installment payments made. In the event of payment default, they are given an additional 60 days from the due date to settle their payments without incurring penalties. If the contract is cancelled, these buyers are entitled to a refund of the cash surrender value, which amounts to 50% of the total payments made, including interest.

The second group of qualified buyers is entitled to a grace period of not less than 60 days from the date of their last payment. This grace period provides them with sufficient time to settle their payments before their contracts are cancelled. After the grace period, buyers can still reinstate their contracts by paying the necessary fees and charges.

Navigating the Maceda Law

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